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What’s new: 2023 Edition

Hey everyone,

Not sure how many people will see this but lets give it a try anyway.

There is going to be some changes on hosting and I’m going to try and commit to a posting schedule. I brought this domain to try and spread tips on what I’ve done to fix stuff at work and home. However I’ve not really released as much content as I originally hoped for.

I’m going to hopefully start a series of posts about my journey into moving my personal workload into Linux, what distro I chose and more. I’m also going to try and start writing some posts about hosting some different services, the pitfalls I ran into whilst setting them up and how I fixed them.


Previously, was hosted in Azure using Azure Static Web Apps which used GitHub Actions to push content up where the site was generated using Hugo.

I’ve found by accident that there was a much better hosting provider that works for me, and looks so much better. I’ve chosen as they offer hosting, an method that allows me to either use DropBox, Git or Google Drive to host the files.

New hobbies, new friends- my foray into Dungeons and Dragons

At the start of the year, a work colleague suggested starting an Dungeons and Dragons group as an socialisation exercise. DnD is not something I have really tried before, and I have heard about it in TV shows and films.

This was the email was what got me hooked:

Are you seeking glory?

Fabulous rewards?

A sense of purpose?

Then come one, come all to the Blackwater Tavern on the East Road from Neverwinter for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Brave adventurers wanted to travel to the mysterious land of Barovia - fame and fortune await you all! Ask for Ned at the Blackwater Tavern and join us on the adventure of a lifetime!

We are looking for one or two players to join us in an online Dungeons and Dragons game, playing the infamous Curse of Strahd Campaign Adventure. Beginners and veterans are more than welcome; we will be aiming to play once a week on a night to be determined once we have a full party. Please contact MP to find out more.

Glory to Ravenloft! All Hail his Supreme Excellency the Count Von Zarovich!

PS, if this turns out to be more popular than expected we’ll cross that troll-guarded bridge when we come to it.

We are now a few months into the campaign, and I’m absoulutely enjoying it. Our DM is really good and is supporting us newbies in our first foray into DnD.

We play every Monday using Discord and Roll20.

Leaving Microsoft for greener fields

I’ve finally made my mind up after distro hopping. I’m going to stick with Linux for the foreseeable, my distro of choice is Fedora. I’ve permamently removed Windows as of the beginning of October. I’ve only recently just upgraded to Fedora 39 and wanted to use the KDE spin instead of Gnome (another £1 for the OS Install jar Mr Dan)

I also rock a Steam Deck, which I’ve had for over a year at this point. Currently playing my way through Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

I’ll post my PC specs here at some point and hopefully guide you through the process of migrating to Linux.

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